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 Late fall rework of my little railway and a new steamer joins the stable

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artfull dodger

Location : Kokomo, Indiana, USA

PostSubject: Late fall rework of my little railway and a new steamer joins the stable   Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:46 am

Last Sunday it was reasonable outside, so I spent some time reworking my depot area and reinstalling the Bier Garten resturant on my little railway.   I am going completely over to an Austrian theme, so the USA style depot just didn't fit the look.  I removed it and repositioned my Pola depot building.  I was using it for just a normal building and not a depot.  Where it used to sit, I put my Pola Bier Garten, complete with a "lady of the night" up on the balcony.  All buildings, turnout lanterns and street lights are powered by the same power supply as my path lights, so they come on at dusk and run for 8 hours or till dawn, which ever comes first.   After work yesterday, the big brown truck dropped off the first of two new live steamers I bought/traded for.   Yesterdays arrival is Regners SKGLB #1, sister engine to the LGB Stainz prototype.  She was already state side and for sale at a great price.  Nearly unrun, so still very stiff and needing lots of time on the rolling road before attempting to run on the railway.  The engine only lacks the whistle kit and RC, both of which she will receive thru the winter months.  Today, the mail man will have the Regner Konrad that I swapped my RH Bertie for.  With tight curves and a 4' fall to rocks, a geared engine is the best for low anxiety running on my railway. (hence why running in and RC on the Stainz type is required)  

In the railway pics, you can see a turnout that goes off into the great void.  That is for next springs expansion.  A larger loop is going to around the tree and my ham radio tower and connect back into the exhisting line on the other side.  This will give me a room to use my Pola Becks Brewery complex that is packed away in the attic at the moment. A steam up bay under the large shade tree will also be included for guest engines to park and raise steam.  Both turnouts have brass shims added to the check rails to help non LGB trains go thru smoothly, made in Germany(I think) and sold at several of the garden railway meets in the UK.  A friend in the UK on another forum picked up a couple for me last year and shipped them to me as my Bertie and Billy didnt care for the LGB turnouts and liked to "pick" the frog and derail sometimes.   The brass shims fix this and the LGB engines/cars go thru smoother as well.       Mike the Aspie

Shot from this past summer, showing turnout to nowhere and the old building positions on the line.

SKGLB #1 by Regner
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Location : Aquitaine (France)

PostSubject: Re: Late fall rework of my little railway and a new steamer joins the stable   Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:15 pm

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Late fall rework of my little railway and a new steamer joins the stable
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